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Sweet Potato Brownies (x2)

Sweet Potato Brownies (x2)

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**Price is for 2 dairy-free & gluten-free brownies**

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate dairy free & gluten-free dessert experience with our newest creation, the "Brownie Delight"! This dessert is crafted with a combination of irresistible flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.

Starting with a decadent brownie batter base, this dessert is then layered with a creamy and velvety sweet potato filling. The sweet potato adds a natural sweetness and creaminess that perfectly complements the chocolatey goodness of the brownie layer.

To add a bit of nutty flavor and crunch, we added a generous helping of almond butter and pecans. 

What's more, this dessert is 100% dairy-free, meaning that you can enjoy all the deliciousness without any guilt. 

Order yours today and experience the ultimate in dairy-free dessert satisfaction.

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